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Fund the Sustain NC programming development bank and engage as a Sustain NC Consortium member. The future nonprofit has not been set up so your membership fees are not tax-deductible at this time.


Sustain NC membership and Community Sustainability Intelligence newsletter

Sustain NC Community Sustainability Intelligence is a monthly newsletter that will cover key accomplishments, risks, and unmet needs concerning people and environment in Asheville, the Western North Carolina region, and our state. The newsletter comes with minimum silver level membership.

SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) level includes Open Strategic Innovation for Communities (OSIC) access. The Large Enterprise level includes the newsletter, OSIC access, and is also a donor recognition opportunity. If enterprise members would like recognition, special highlighting of enterprise members would be part of Sustain NC communications.

Sustain NC is not just for citizens of North Carolina but for those who see improvements in North Carolina as improving the USA’s approach to sustainability and therefore how the globe approaches sustainability to the degree the USA influences outcomes. A more detailed overview is shared with Sustain NC supporters and members. The work to be done is in progress in terms of programming details. A future nonprofit supporting this sustainability work is in development. Payments go to InnovoGraph LLC for this service and are not tax deductible.


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What consortium members get is an innovation ecosystem centered around sustainability progress. The Sustain NC Consortium is an opportunity for the members to upgrade conditions in the state of North Carolina and be recognized for the leadership. This professional development service project is separate from other engagements InnovoGraph can provided.

The $10 newsletter is for anyone who simply wants news about publicized Sustain NC activities. The $50 membership option exists to allow a select few citizens to join the Sustain NC activities.
SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) and Large Enterprise

Sustain NC Consortium members are sustainability proponents in business, academic, government, and nonprofit leadership positions willing to take action on climate change and support development of the NC Clean Power Plan sooner rather than later. Partner announcement privileges are among the issues that can be individually negotiated with consortium members following signup.

Download these innovation ecosystem principles as they also represent prototype Sustain NC Consortium collaboration principles. Principles like trust are most valuable. If a Sustain NC Consortium member requests certain information be confidential, other members need to honor those wishes. At the same time this is a project with a point: develop the NC Clean Power Plan. Active contributing members are necessary:

Rainforest Innovation Ecosystem Principles PDF

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