A solution for Asheville: 100 Megawatts of Change

Originally published in the Asheville Citizen-Times on January 2, 2015 I believe 100 megawatts of various distributed energy resources (including solar) and demand management (i.e. Smart Grid, general energy efficiency) can replace Asheville’s two coal power units … and eventually both combustion turbine natural gas units. Starting when? Starting with the Asheville Community Energy Plan […]

The Trillionth Ton of airborne carbon is too expensive

Originally published in the Asheville Citizen-Times December 19, 2014. A local religious leader recently asked me, “What happened to the whole ‘green thing?’” It’s a good time to review since media messages about ‘green’ issues and the threat of climate change were more prevalent around 2006. The 2008 recession has cast a long shadow and […]